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2018 Projections Outputs

Base Data for Projection Parameters based on Low,Medium and High growth projections


Data by Territorial Authority: 

Note: regional projections include only part of Rotorua, Taupo and Waitomo that are in Waikato region.  TA projections include total TAs, except for Rotorua (only part that is in Waikato region).  

- Population (Low, Medium and High)

- Population by age and sex (Low, Medium, High)

- Households by type (Low, Medium and High)

- Labourforce (Low, Medium, High)

Employment and Value Add (Low, Medium, High) - updated 3 May

- Land use by class (Low,  Medium, High)


Data by Statistical Area (SA2):

- Population, Households and Labourforce

- Employment and Value Add (Low, Medium, High)

- Land use by class (Low, Medium, High)


Explore your data using interactive dashboards: 

These dashboards allow you to interactively view and explore the data to suit your needs.

Population, Households
and Labour Force

Employment and Value Add


25 Land Use Classes

Your feedback (to Beat Huser) would be much appreciated so we can improve the dashboards to better meet your needs.



Other Data:

Document on Projections Comparisons (comparing Waikato and Stats NZ estimates and projections). 

Stats NZ final subnational population estimates 2018 (released 23 Sept 2020) - these are the base data used for the Waikato Projections 2018-2068.

Stats NZ subnational population projections 2018-2048 (at TA level, Stats NZ does not produce SA2 level population projections until later in 2021, and household projections in 2022). 



 Projection Reports:

- Population, Household and Labour Force projections_TA report

- Population, Household and Labour Force projections_SA2 report

- Employment and Value Add projections TA and SA2

- Land Use Projections TA and SA2


WISE Waikato Integrated Scenario Explorer Technical specifications Version 1.6


FAQ - Population Projections

FAQ - Household Projections